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downclose is a lifelong project

the only thing you’ll ever need to know about razzmatazz is that their music comes from a place of truth.

i really don’t know what i love most about these guys: the fact that they’re so photogenic, their chemistry on stage, their music, their fucking contagious smiles, their ease in bringing people closer just by existing or the mojitos they brought for the whole team, this afternoon.

there’s a shitload of photos, cause it was a fucking incredibly fun afternoon among amazing people. i’m so fucking ecstatic these guys came to play for us.

and, with the amazing razzmatazz, we come to the end of a man without a show. thanks to all the bands, all the help, all the friends, all of the people watching the live takes and interviews.

stay safe and stay tuned.

as we approach the end of a man without a show, it’s within my nature to remember all the people and to be grateful for them.

when it comes to verbian it’s very easy for me to appreciate them, since they’ve been such truly good friends of mine and it’s been beautiful to be a part of their journey. we’ll share so many more moments;

on and off stage, i’m sure.

verbian was the last band we booked and i’m so glad we did. the perfect september sunny afternoon with a doom & gloom feeling.

watch out for the live take and interview, next week on evoke collective and wav magazine.

stay tuned and stay safe.

riça is more than a man, he’s a true force of nature and, as soon as he picks up his mic, you can feel the winds shifting. and it’s not only about what he sings and how he sings; it’s about the way he thinks and how his heart just flows out of his body. i strongly recommend for everyone to go and watch his music videos, if you wanna see how a full-circle artist works. with all of this said, it’s my absolute pleasure to present my portraits from our 13th non-gig at a man without a show, riça.

next week, the live take and interview — stay safe and stay tuned!

if you enjoy smoking a fucking heavy blunt while listening to heavy music, brace yourselves cause this one is gonna hit like a boulder.

stay tuned and stay safe!

tonight we announce the next band to take the a man without a show stage; it was actually the last band we filmed, and it was super fun to have a band with such a groovy sound. thanks for a hell of good time.

next week check the live take and interview!

stay home and stay safe.

for so fucking long i wanted to catch juseph live, but life kept getting in the way. then, the world stopped and i finally got to watch them step on stage, have a few laughs and these few clicks. please do check these guys out if you’ve never heard their music, it’ll be time well spent.

be sure to watch the live take and interview next week on evoke and wav. magazine’s youtube channels — stay tuned and stay safe.

probably, the most fun i had since the fucking world ended was filming with soul of anubis. i could not stop laughing with these guys. if you ever cross paths with any of these fine fellows, do stop and talk to them — you’ll have a bbblast (;

it was raining, a lens broke, everything was late,… a hard day, overall, made so much easier by the good hearted people we work with. thank you ♡

stay home and stay safe.

been trying to write something about these guys for the past half an hour and nothing seems to fit them quite right. and just now, i understood why — nothing i can say about these four amazing guys (that somehow found each other and managed to start a fucking unbelievable band) will do them justice. they’re just wonderful people and having them around, even for just one afternoon, brings everyone this incredible feeling of peace.

thank you for coming all the way from lisboa to be a part of our project, thank you for your amazing music and thank you for giving me the pleasure to photograph you once again.

next week, don’t miss their live take and interview — stay tuned and stay safe.

the last band to visit us from the gig roster, grand sun gave us a very psych-pop afternoon.

stay tuned and stay safe.

gator, the alligator , aka the best discovery of 2019 and what a fucking honour to have these great looking guys in front of my lens once again.

the live take and interview next week.

stay tuned and stay safe.

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